Perfect Items for Cleaning

Drawer Vacuum


No more crumbs! This vacuum sucks up your mess.

Drawer Vac : $upon request

Touchless Paper Towels

Clean Cut Paper Towel Dispenser

Get your hands dirty – not your whole kitchen. Works with all brands of paper towels.

Amazon : $136.76

Veggie Scrubbing Gloves

Skrub'a Gloves

Scrub dirt and toxins off your veggies quickly and easily with these scrubber gloves.

Amazon : $9.99

Kitchen Scrap Trap

Kitchen Scrap Trap

Pros: Fits over a drawer or cabinet and makes kitchen clean up a breeze. Con: No more fallen goodies for the dog to eat off the floor.

Amazon : $8.88

Metal Soap


This metal bar will rub away the stinkiest of smells – including garlic and onion. It’s so good it makes my hands so metally clean!

Amazon : $6.95

Stemware Saver

Quirky Tether Stemware Saver

No more broken wine glasses!

Amazon : $12.99