Trader Joe’s Cookbook

Trader Joe's Cookbook

Not just for college co-eds, this book is a life-saver for the cooking impaired or the Trader Joe’s obsessed.

Amazon : $11.91

Magic Knife Sharpener

Sharp Act Knife Sharpener

Finally a knife sharpener to entertain your guests – who thought they were coming for a magic show.

Amazon : $12

Grow Bottle

Growbottle Indoor Herb Garden

A recycled wine bottle turns into a self-watering windowsill herb garden. Several different herbs available.

Uncommon Goods : $35

Pancake Plate

Pancake Plates

We’ve all been there: a puddle of syrup makes a puddle of mushy pancakes. No more!

Uncommon Goods : $45

7 Minute Popsicle

Zoku Pop Maker

Zoku Pop Maker – Make individual frozen popsicles in as little as seven minutes.

Williams-Sonoma : $24.95

Butter Spreader

Butter Spreader for Corn

Perfect for corn on the cob.

Amazon : $4.15

Wine Glass Markers

Vacu Vin Wine Glass Markers

These little party dudes hang onto your glass so you don’t have to.

Amazon : $8.35

Brownie Edge Pan


Chewy, crispy, goodness. Every piece is an edge piece.

Amazon : $34.95

Bread and Dip Basket

Vacu Vin Bread and Dip Basket

A perfect serving basket for all sorts of dips, cheeses and condiments.

Amazon : $34.99

Soda Fizz Keeper

Fizz Keeper

Keep the ‘pop’ in your pop.

Amazon : $16.29

Food Prep Nesting Set

Joseph Joseph Food Prep Nesting Set

An amazing, colorful, and very functional space saver.

Amazon : $42.05

Veggie Scrubbing Gloves

Skrub'a Gloves

Scrub dirt and toxins off your veggies quickly and easily with these scrubber gloves.

Amazon : $9.99

Toaster Bags


Reusable Toastabags take all the hassle out of making a grilled cheese or panini. This would be especially awesome for a college dorm — no stove required!

Amazon : $6.40

Canning Jar Travel Mug

Cuppow Canning Jar Lid

Cuppow transforms your empty canning jars into travel mugs.

Cuppow : $7.99

Wine Bottle Aerator

Soiree Wine Bottle Aerator

Nevermind those “other” aerators that need special stands and special treatment, this one screws right onto the wine bottle for a perfect glass that’s hassle-free.

Amazon : $19.99

Double Dish


Keeps your mess hidden. Great for nuts, olives, edamame, and more!

Amazon : $18

Cakesicle Pan

Cakesicle Pan

Which is better: a slice of cake or a popsicle? Now, you don’t have to choose.

Amazon : $14.76

Microwave Chips Maker

Microwave Potato Chip Maker

Make your own healthy potato chips. Bet you can’t have just one!

Amazon : $12.98

Salt & Pepper Pants Man

Salt and Pepper Pants Shaker

Make every dinner a little more spicy – pants optional.

Amazon : $7.56

Kitchen Scrap Trap

Kitchen Scrap Trap

Pros: Fits over a drawer or cabinet and makes kitchen clean up a breeze. Con: No more fallen goodies for the dog to eat off the floor.

Amazon : $8.88

Toaster Egg Poacher

Toaster and Egg Poacher

Handy all-in-one breakfast maker for those mornings that you really can’t be trusted around a stove. If only it also made coffee.

Amazon : $27.75

Soup & Sandwich Duo

Soup and Sandwich Duo

The combinations are long as they include a soup and a sandwich.

Uncommon Goods : $30

Rice Cube

Rice Cube

It’s hip to be square when it comes to sushi.

Amazon : $24.95

Picnic Wine Table

Bamboo Wine Table

A little wine, a little cheese, and no ants to spoil the picnic party.

Uncommon Goods : $22

Water Bottle Ice Sticks

water bottle ice cubes

All that time spent trying to hammer normal ice cubes into your bottle of water seems silly, in retrospect.

Amazon : $7.55

Trivia for Foodies

Foodie Fight Board Game

Feed your hunger for cheesy board games and show how much you know about food. Served best with a good bottle of wine.

Uncommon Goods : $13.00

OCD Chopping Board

OCD Cutting Board

For that little voice inside your head that needs everything to be just so…and really likes math.

Amazon : $22.95

Dunk Mug

dunk mug mocha uk

For those mornings when a healthy bowl of oatmeal just isn’t in the cards.

Mocha : $23.59

Avocado Saver

Avocado Saver

On the rare days you have the self-discipline to eat only half an avocado, save the rest for later.

Amazon : $5.17

Ziplock Bag Holder


This simple device will hold open any storage bag. Who needs help… or friends?

Amazon : $6

Herb Scissors


Cut your Herbs exactly how you need them.

Amazon : $9.95

Spice Rack

1 Line Spice Rack

Kitchen storage doubles as art!

Horne : $199

Metal Soap


This metal bar will rub away the stinkiest of smells – including garlic and onion. It’s so good it makes my hands so metally clean!

Amazon : $6.95

Stemware Saver

Quirky Tether Stemware Saver

No more broken wine glasses!

Amazon : $12.99