Perfect Items for Preparation

Index Cutting Boards


Cute and practical. Keep raw meat from contaminating your veggies. Great for a small kitchen.

Amazon : $31.95

iPad Chef Sleeve

Chef Sleeve for iPad

No use crying over spilled milk… unless it ruins your iPad.

Amazon : $19.99

State Cutting Board

AHeirloom State Cutting Board

Custom made cutting boards by Etsy seller AHeirloom are a great way to show your state pride, and make fantastic gifts.

AHeirloom : $40

Portion Cooking Spoon

Portion cooking spoon

Not only will it measure different spoon sizes, you can also use the hollow handle to measure liquids.

Amazon : $7.99

Melon Slicer


Take the mess (and danger) out of slicing your melon.

Amazon : $12.96

D-Bag Apron

The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Son, you’re gonna need those bullets…ahem, beers.

Amazon : $19.81

Colander Cutting Board

Sink Drainer Cutting Board

Chop and wash in one place for quicker, cleaner veggie prep.

Uncommon Goods : $32

Pasta Portion Tool

I Could Eat a Horse

“I Could Eat a Horse” measuring tool for proper portions — kiddie, adult, or horse size.

Reykjavik Corner Store : $16.90

Corn Kerneler

Corn Kerneler

Almost as easy as just buying a bag of corn.

Amazon : $8.49

Measuring Matroyshkas

Matroyshka Measuring Cups

Six measuring cups that nest like Russian dolls.

Amazon : $10.40

Rolling Pin Rings

Rolling Hills Rolling Pin Rings

Roll out the perfect dough at the right thickness.

Amazon : $7.50

Cocktail Recipe Spinner

Bar Compass

The Bar Compass – Classic drink recipes with a spin of the wheel.

Kikkerland : $9.50

Measuring Cup & Scale

Measuring Cup and Scale

Perfect for ingredients listed by weight and for getting the recipe just right.

Amazon : $20.49

Monkey Peeler

Animal House Monkey Vegetable Peeler

Quit monkey-ing around, and peel the potatoes already!

Amazon : $7.89

Seedless Lemon Press

Silicone Lemon Press

Solves the annoying problem of seeds in your lemonade, and it looks fun, too.

Uncommon Goods : $12

Ice Cream Maker

Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker

If you shake it…it will make ice cream. Perfect for camping, days at the beach, or when you feel like playing catch.

Amazon : $14.99

Magic Knife Sharpener

Sharp Act Knife Sharpener

Finally a knife sharpener to entertain your guests – who thought they were coming for a magic show.

Amazon : $12

Food Prep Nesting Set

Joseph Joseph Food Prep Nesting Set

An amazing, colorful, and very functional space saver.

Amazon : $42.05

Veggie Scrubbing Gloves

Skrub'a Gloves

Scrub dirt and toxins off your veggies quickly and easily with these scrubber gloves.

Amazon : $9.99

Kitchen Scrap Trap

Kitchen Scrap Trap

Pros: Fits over a drawer or cabinet and makes kitchen clean up a breeze. Con: No more fallen goodies for the dog to eat off the floor.

Amazon : $8.88

OCD Chopping Board

OCD Cutting Board

For that little voice inside your head that needs everything to be just so…and really likes math.

Amazon : $22.95

Herb Scissors


Cut your Herbs exactly how you need them.

Amazon : $9.95