Perfect Items for Serving

Stemware Coasters

Stemware Coasters

Handmade felt coasters. Beautiful and practical.

Etsy : $19

Finger Food Plates

Appetizer Finger Food Plates

Tra, la, la, I’m so fancy.

Amazon : $5.86


chopsticks with knife and fork

Take control your food with the best of East and West.

Amazon : $14.24

Coffee Stencil

Coffee Stencil

Make your morning a little sweeter.

Cosmic Emotions : $19.32

State Cutting Board

AHeirloom State Cutting Board

Custom made cutting boards by Etsy seller AHeirloom are a great way to show your state pride, and make fantastic gifts.

AHeirloom : $40

Napkin Origami Book

Napkin Origami Book

This book will bring you way beyond your Grandmother’s fancy swan folds.

Amazon : $9.95

Pizza ‘Pi’ Cutter

Pizza Pi Cutter

For the pizza “Pi” lover in us all.

Amazon : $19.99

Upcycled Cheese Forks

Upcycled Cheese Markers

Fashioned from vintage forks, these cheese markers are practical conversation starters for your next dinner party.

Laughing Frog Studio : $17.99

Expandable Trivet

Stretch Trivet by Joseph Joseph

Silicone “Stretch” trivet expands to hold your largest dishes, and folds small for convenient storage.

Amazon : $15.99

Wine Thermometer

Wine Bottle Thermometer

A handy sleeve that fits over the bottle shows you the perfect temperature to pour.

Amazon : $7.99

Napkins on a Roll

MyDrap Napkin Roll

Machine washable and biodegradable linen and cotton napkins on a roll. Colorful, classy, and totally disposable.

Amazon : $15.85

Crushed Glass

Crushed Glass

Looks like a crushed plastic cup, but it’s glass. Please don’t throw it away.

Gretel : $14

Pancake Plate

Pancake Plates

We’ve all been there: a puddle of syrup makes a puddle of mushy pancakes. No more!

Uncommon Goods : $45

Butter Spreader

Butter Spreader for Corn

Perfect for corn on the cob.

Amazon : $4.15

Wine Glass Markers

Vacu Vin Wine Glass Markers

These little party dudes hang onto your glass so you don’t have to.

Amazon : $8.35

Bread and Dip Basket

Vacu Vin Bread and Dip Basket

A perfect serving basket for all sorts of dips, cheeses and condiments.

Amazon : $34.99

Canning Jar Travel Mug

Cuppow Canning Jar Lid

Cuppow transforms your empty canning jars into travel mugs.

Cuppow : $7.99

Wine Bottle Aerator

Soiree Wine Bottle Aerator

Nevermind those “other” aerators that need special stands and special treatment, this one screws right onto the wine bottle for a perfect glass that’s hassle-free.

Amazon : $19.99

Double Dish


Keeps your mess hidden. Great for nuts, olives, edamame, and more!

Amazon : $18

Salt & Pepper Pants Man

Salt and Pepper Pants Shaker

Make every dinner a little more spicy – pants optional.

Amazon : $7.56

Soup & Sandwich Duo

Soup and Sandwich Duo

The combinations are long as they include a soup and a sandwich.

Uncommon Goods : $30

Picnic Wine Table

Bamboo Wine Table

A little wine, a little cheese, and no ants to spoil the picnic party.

Uncommon Goods : $22